October 31, 2018

Health Dominates Kosher Food Trend

New York…Yakov Yarmove of the Albertson’s chain and well-known expert on kosher is watching customers read the ingredients on packages. At the upcoming Kosherfest more booths than ever will showcase health products such as gluten-free and low-fat. Howie Klagsbrun of Gourmet Glatt and Malkie Levine of Evergreen are also observing more health consciousness than ever before. “It’s been a long time since I saw customers study the ingredient panel as much as today,” says Yarmove. Millenials, say many experts are straddling both sides of the fence. Said one expert: “Sure they covet products like facon and beef jerky's but they are also watching fat content. Gluten-free products remain a growing category despite the caution by nutritionists and kosher food experts that gluten-free products are often a trade-off with products that have high saturated fats. Mrs. Levine is extremely wary that some people will seek to avoid gluten but still “eat everything that is bad for you.”

Some experts are concerned that a new age obsession with novel and creative recipes and meal ideas will actually move away from healthier options. Mr. Yarmove notes: “Every Jewish magazine now has an extensive food section that stresses wholesome and perhaps foods that are high in saturated foods, sugars, and oils.” Despite these cautious statements, supermarkets say that healthier foods are definitely in. They note a significant increase in the sale of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as fish and poultry.