June 24, 2019

Health Bar Expands in Cholov Yisroel Market

Lakewood NJ…Nutrition bars are no longer a novelty but one company Grab1 has taken the bar to a new level, even becoming the first Chalav Yisrael producer of the bars. Founded by Mr. Aryeh Weinreb in 2008, company sales have soared as its displays are prominent in most kosher supermarkets. With such popular flavors as Caramel Deluxe and Peanut Bars, the bars quickly became a bestseller. Amongst its seven flavors are 2 fiber and sugar-free bars. The company now markets three brands including its mainstay Grab 1 Protein Bars, its Oola granola bars, and its soft crunchy “Tooki” granola bars. Retailers say that sales of the bars cross all age groups, making them extremely popular with families. They are particularly welcome by families looking to reduce their sugary and salty intake of snacks. Mr. Weinreb seems to have dozens of ideas for expanding the line, but for now is content with the success of his highly popular bars.