January 27, 2014

Has Time Come for .Kosher and on What Terms?

NEW YORK — With thousands of websites focused on kosher food, there is every reason to upgrade the category on the Internet. But while an organization affiliated with the OK Kosher Certification has indeed applied for the .kosher domain category, other major kashrus organizations like the Orthodox Union want to make sure that the category is independent of any one kashrus organization and open to anyone who wishes to be part of the domain category. 

An International Chamber of Commerce panelist has ruled that a community objection against .kosher has failed. Kosher Marketing Assets LLC, which is affiliated with the OK, said that it would allow the domain to be open to all kashrus organizations, but still kashrus organizations say that they do not believe that one kashrus organizations should have the distinct advantage over the others. The OK affiliate said that it had made many concessions including offering a partnership in then domain category to the OU and the other objectors.