January 8, 2018

Harsh Weather Conditions in East Changes Some Shopping Habits

New York…With bone-chilling temperatures and near blizzard conditions on the East Coast last Thursday, many shoppers opted for alternate ways to shop for Shabbat. According to several retailers, there was an unprecedented shift to on-line shopping, phone orders, and even shopping by app. At Pomegranate much of the Thursday evening rush had shifted to Wednesday, causing a shortage of challahs. At nearby Moshe’s, the Wednesday looked every bit like a Thursday. Rachel, a traditional late Thursday shopper, found almost everything she needed on Wednesday, with the exception of challahs. She thought the stores were “pretty prepared” for the predicted snowstorm. The stores seemed to be doing well with prepared foods, although one woman lugged a wagon full of water. Still, the stores say many braved the elements on Thursday might or Friday morning.