September 12, 2016

Harassment by Anti-Schechita Forces Latest Tactic in Europe

London - The British Veterinary Association, has long opposed kosher slaughter (schechita) and has argued that slaughter without pre-stunning is inhumane. But while the European Union agrees that animals should be pre-stunned, it also exempts kosher and halal slaughter. Instead of going quietly into the night and accepting the rule of law, the BVA President, Sean Wensley, told the Sunday Times that his organization wanted an “absolute assurance” that the numbers of animals slaughtered as kosher would be made available. The demand for the numbers is part of a harassment campaign seen in other European countries as well. According to the Jewish Chronicle, pro-schechita campaigners have confirmed they will continue to provide the Food Standards Agency with the number of animals slaughtered for kosher meat after the FSA announced it would no longer collect its own figures.

Shechita UK, which defends religious slaughter, said it would continue to help following the agency's decision not to gather the information in its new monthly survey of abattoirs. Shimon Cohen, spokesman for Shechita UK, told the Jewish Chronicle: "We have always provided the data and are ready to continue doing so."