March 5, 2019

Growing Passover Options Help Grow $1.5 Billion Industry

New York - Truckloads of kosher food products will be heading across the United States to hotel properties. For the 80,000 – 100,000 people (perhaps as many as 25,000 families) Passover will be at one of the many resorts in popular (warmer climates) vacation spots like Florida, Arizona and California. This year with the expectation of the warmer weather late in April programs on the East Coast are also expected to do well. One travel expert guessed that if you factored in the cost of travel, hotels, and clothing, the actual dollar amount spent for Passover approaches $1 billion. Travel will also be a factor this year with the long Chol Hamoed (interim period) which is expected to see tens of thousands head for such destinations as Orlando. In retail, the addition of stores like Bingo, the resurgence of the Season chain and the growing prominence of the Web are also expected to have a large impact. Sites like will enhance the “home chef” experience adding to the expected retail bonanza. Passover also remains the most celebrated holiday on the Jewish calendar with Federation studies consistently showing that at least 70% of American Jews participate in at least one Seder. All told about 35%-40% of the kosher food business takes place around Passover with expected sales of $1.5 billion.