October 21, 2013

Growing Number of Scotch Whisky Going Kosher

LONDON — Are more people who observe kosher looking for Scotch whisky to go kosher? Apparently yes as evidence mounts that  a growing number of younger observant Jews are drinking whisky. To meet this demand, some Scotch whisky distilleries are having their single malt whisky certified as kosher. While some whisky is naturally kosher, whisky that has matured in wine or sherry casks is not.

Instead, some of Scotland’s best-known distilleries are bringing in rabbis to supervise whisky bottlings, which allows them to have malts certified as officially kosher – meaning that they conform to the regulations of kashrus, or Jewish dietary law. Distilleries now producing kosher-certified whisky include Glenmorangie, Ardbeg, Auchentoshan, Glen Garioch, Bowmore, Glenrothes and Tomintoul.  In Israel, whisky has become so popular that it’s first single malt whisky distillery is currently under construction. The Milk and Honey Distillery, which promises to produce a kosher “Speyside/Highland inspired single malt”, will use waters from the Holy Land and is being created under the eye of Scottish master distiller Dr Jim Swan.