January 6, 2020

Growing Demand for Kosher on Campus, Star-K Says

Baltimore, MD….With a record 100,000 Jews arriving on college campuses each year, there is a rapidly growing demand for kosher food, according to the Star-K, one of the nation’s leading kashrus agencies. In an article in its Kashrus Kurrents periodical, the agency provides kosher certification for such college campuses as Cornell University, Franklin and Marshall College, John Hopkins University, Muhlenberg College, Penn State University, Towson University, University of Maryland-Baltimore County and University of Maryland-College Park. In addition to the new students, there are an estimated 400,000 Jewish undergraduate students. At Yale University, kosher kitchens serve as many as 500 students per day. Yale joined Star-K’s large portfolio of college campuses in 2019. Says Uri Cohen, Slifka Dining’s Executive Director: “Star-K, our new hashgacha agency, not only takes campuses seriously but has a track record in working productively in a campus environment, understanding the needs and dynamics.”