July 7, 2021

Grocers Invest in Catskills Future as Population Soars

Woodridge…It was the Fourth of July weekend, and the Center One mall was hopping. The parking lot was filled, including two busloads of teenage campers, and the newly renovated Buy-Rite Kosher Supermarket was extremely crowded. Asher, a community activist from Queens, said that the Catskills summer population had doubled in just one year, a statement that was agreed to by the growing cadre of kosher retailers. Most see the future as extremely bright, pointing to at least 7 new developments that have opened in the past 24 months. Some also projected that the Upstate New York haven, once referred to as the “Borscht Belt,” would emerge as one of a number of emerging new year-round communities. In fact, Buy-Rite. Like other local establishments, they are now open all year. Supermarkets like Landau’s in South Fallsburg, Mountain Food in Monticello, Skopps in Fallsburg and now Apple Tree in Liberty are all investing in their growing grocery plus businesses. Box stores like Wal-Mart and supermarkets like Shoprite also do a significant incremental kosher business during the summer months, advertising in Jewish periodicals, and even announcing specials in Yiddish. Real Estate experts say that hundreds of units are slated to be built in the coming years, with many destined for year-round housing for the new communities. Real Estate prices have soared in recent years.