October 20, 2014

Greek Yogurt Sales Continue to Grow in Kosher Market

NEW YORK — While there are indications that Greek Yogurt has slowed somewhat in the general market, it continues to grow in the kosher market, Kosher Today has learned. Major brands like Chobani and Dannon reported flat sales. Kosher retailers say that Greek Yogurt continues to increase at approximately 10% a month. The two major players in Cholov Yisrael yogurt products are Mehadrin and Norman’s with the latter continuing to be the leading brand for Greek in great measure to its Greek Light line. Greek Yogurt was apparently a major bestseller during the recent holidays.

Total yogurt sales in the US increased by 3.2%. Greek Yogurt overall is said to have increased by 5.4%, a marked decline from last year’s 16.7% increase.