October 20, 2014

Great Holiday Season Ushers in Passover 2015

NEW YORK — It was by all accounts one of the best holiday seasons in recent memory. Credit the late calendar or the two “three-day holidays,” or even the good weather, say retailers, but when all the numbers are in, they expect sales to far surpass last year’s sales. In 2014, sales increases ranged from 5% to nearly 15%. This year, almost all the retailers interviewed by Kosher Today said they expected double digit growth. With Passover just 5 ½ months away, many were already working on their planograms for Passover, with hopes to complete the plans at Kosherfest now only three weeks ago. Many were also planning for Chanukah (eve of December 16th).

As for the recent holidays, it was a good year for almost every category of food from honey cake to gourmet meats. It was a time of unprecedented travel with Israeli hotels reporting near 90% occupancy, just weeks after the completion of Protective Edge in Gaza. It was also the first year for the new luxurious Waldorf-Astoria property in Jerusalem.