October 9, 2018

“Great Calendar” Resulted in Record Sales for Holidays

Monsey, NY…The calendar this year sent shoppers scurrying for the holiday foods every few days resulting in large crowds at large independent kosher supermarkets like Evergreen. At one point, shoppers could not even find carts as the swelling crowds completely filled the store, beginning with the eve of Yom Kippur until the eve of this past Shabbat. One woman shopper put it starkly: “It seems every time I turn around it is either Erev (the eve of) Yom Tov or Erev Shabbos. This same calendar configuration is set to dominate again in 2019, albeit almost a month later. The early onset of the holidays meant warmer weather, again a good omen for retailers. One retailer noted that it was amazing to watch the changing contents of the shopping wagon. “I noticed a woman schlepping two wagons, one loaded with the typical Yom Tov foods (i.e. fish, salads, dips, meats) and the other loaded with snacks for the Chol Hamoed (interim days) period for the trips she was planning.”  Most of the stores recorded record sales on paper and plastic goods that so many used in their Sukkahs. All in all, most retailers agreed that it was one of the most robust holiday seasons in recent memory.