April 15, 2019

Grandma’s Seder Slowly Changing from the Traditional Fare

New York…Shirley a 50-something Long Island resident has noticed the change in the Passover set at her local supermarket. She is preparing to host a Seder for her 80-year old parents and will be keeping the family tradition of the Manischewitz Matzos, the obligatory brisket, chicken soup, and chocolate cake, but ran into a problem this year. Her father likes the jelled jarred gefilte fish, which seemed to be scarcer this year. Her daughter would prefer her mother making the frozen gefilte fish that can be made with herbs and carrots. In many stores, particularly in some Orthodox neighborhoods, the jarred or canned version of the gefilte fish is virtually extinct as the frozen version (i.e. A&B’s, Freund’s, Ungar’s, and Benz’s) command the lion’s share of the market. While some retailers told Kosher Today that they believe that the jarred version was a dying breed, retailers say that many of their customers still prefer the simplicity of removing the fish from a jar or can and oh that jell is something some would never give up. They also noticed the move towards the Kedem Grape Juice products, particularly its Light version so much in demand in older markets. Shirley, who calls herself “a traditional Jew” says the Seder for her is her link to her grandparents but admits that today’s kosher world allows her “to tweak her menu” especially for the multiple generations at her Seder table.