July 23, 2012

Gourmet Kosher Airline Meals No Longer a Pie in the Sky

BERLIN, GERMANY -- Frequent kosher fliers may have been surprised to hear a recent report that the kosher food in Business Class on Lufthansa flights are actually better than the regular non-kosher Business meals. Jewish News One recently reported on the quality and convenience of Lufthansa kosher meals: 

“If you are one of those air travelers tired of hearing "Chicken or pasta?" uttered to you during mealtime, there is a way to virtually dine like a first-class passenger without having to pay extra for the privilege - request kosher meals when making your flight reservation and be happy. Those who are worried about the hygiene issues of airline meals can take comfort in the fact that kosher meals are prepared under very strict guidelines of purity and cleanliness."

The common perception amongst most travelers has always been that kosher was more about an accommodation than quality, but there is evidence that airlines like Lufthansa have taken note of the increased demand and have as a result upgraded their kosher menus. Lufthansa lists the kosher meal option on their website as “strictly kosher food prepared under the supervision of a rabbinate.”

Meals are certified by Rabbi Klein when flying from Germany, and from the OU when flying from the U.S. Most of the other international airlines refused to comment on the growing number of non-traditional kosher consumers who request a kosher meals. A typical response was one received by KosherToday from United Airlines: “Customers may request a kosher meal on most international flights and transcontinental flights. However, we don’t ask whether they are Jewish or non-Jewish so I don’t have an answer to your question.”