September 8, 2015

Gold’s New CEO Wants to Grow Gold’s as a Family Brand

Hempstead LI - It’s been a month since Bob Abramowitz took over as the new CEO of Gold’s Pure Foods, after it was acquired by LaSalle Capital, which also owns Westminster Cracker of Rutland VT. “Gold’s and Westminster are similar companies in that they are category leaders,” says Bob who also remains the CEO of the large biscuit company. “To me Gold’s will always be a family company,” the new CEO says pointing to the fact that Gold family members are still involved and in fact, Marc and Steve Gold, the previous owners, will continue as consultants for awhile. “I am very optimistic about the future of this company as we grow the horseradish, mustards and sauces we produce, not only in the kosher market but well beyond.” Bob’s long career began in Seattle as head of a successful water company before acquiring Westminster. Both companies are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU). While Westminster is not as widely known as Gold’s in the kosher market, Bob is very sensitive to the needs of the kosher consumer. “In fact, an Orthodox relative of mine urged me to keep the pareve status of the biscuits so that he can eat the product at any time, even with meat.” The two companies will exhibit at Kosherfest. Gold’s has exhibited in all 26 editions of Kosherfest.  One of the main sellers of Gold’s is its six different varieties of horseradish, which have been a staple in Jewish and kosher homes for centuries. “The challenge will be to make the transition to the younger generations, albeit that the mustards and sauces are popular with many younger consumers.

Gold’s was founded in 1932 by Tillie and Hyman Gold, then managed by their three sons who automated the process and grew the business in their Brooklyn plant before moving the business to Hempstead. Two subsequent generations continued the growth of the company. The business further grew when Gold’s acquired Baker’s Mustard, integrating the businesses in Gold’s 88,000 square foot facility in Hempstead. One only need listen to Bob Abramowitz to appreciate the enthusiasm for Gold’s future.