May 6, 2013

Golan Heights Wines Make Big Splash at Wine Event

TEL AVIV — Israelis are definitely getting more into quality wines. Last week, a cross section of Israelis turned out for a giant bar that extended all along the port in Tel Aviv. Wine lovers, young Israelis, wine aficionados, and many religious Jews turned out to celebrate Israel’s leading winery’s 30th birthday at Bar M’Eretz Hayayin (bar from wine country). 

The Golan Heights Winery created the giant, which was divided into 6 mini-bars, each offering a unique viticulture experience. Over 30 unique wines, all of them kosher, were presented. This was a celebration of just how far Israeli wine has come since the award winning winery came onto the scene and revolutionized the way the wine world viewed this fledging country. Amongst the wines on display was the award winning Yarden Heights wine, and the not-yet-released Yarden Malbec 2010, which is the first Malbec to be produced by the Golan Heights Winery.