July 15, 2013

Golan Heights Winery Keeps Piling on Awards

GOLAN HEIGHTS, NY — As the Syrian civil war rages across the border, the Golan Heights Winery keeps accumulating awards for its quality wines. Hot on the heels of their recent gold medals at the Decanter awards in London and Wine Enthusiast awards in NYC, the Golan Heights Winery scooped up another gold medal at the Citadelles du Vin awards in Bordeaux, France. 

Michal Neeman, director of the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute's food and beverage division, describes the role of the winery as crucial: "Everyone agrees that they were the first winery to produce excellent wine. Then came the boutique wineries, then the medium-sized, and then the large ones. There were a lot of other factors as well, but when you pinpoint the revolution, it started at Golan Heights.” 

The winery won two silver medals; one for the Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009, and one for the Yarden Syrah, Avital Vineyard, 2008. But it was the 2011 Yarden Heights wine that enthralled the judges and netted the winery a gold medal. The unique richness of this dessert wine encompasses exotic fruity scents and spices. Despite being a sweet wine, the Yarden Heightswine has an excellent acidity leaving a refreshing finish. It consistently wins awards year after year, captivating wine experts and novices alike. 

Located in Katzrin, it is Israel's third largest winery. The Golan Heights Winery is jointly owned by eight Israeli settlementsmoshavim and kibbutzim, which also supply the grapes. The winery employs 110 people and incorporates sophisticated technology using pneumatic membrane presses, must chiller and computer-controlled cooling of stainless steel tanks. The winery also has an elaborate "experimental winery" for research and quality control of new wines and improvement of existing lines.