March 21, 2016

Gift Market Soars this Purim with Some Put Growth at 20%

New York - Judith, a 33 year old mother of 6, makes her own Mishloach Manos, the traditional gifts that are exchanged on Purim (eve of March 23). She buys all the ingredients, bakes and actually assembles the gifts. Her sister Gila orders ready-made gift packages from a charity organization, which sends her a catalogue each year and has a large assortment of the gifts online. Judith’s combination consists of various chocolate goodies including pretzels, squares, and even cigars placed in neat glass compartments she bought in a local houseware store. But the big story this year is the growth of the pre-packaged gifts that some sources say will grow by more than 20%. While Judith is preparing nearly 100 of the Misloach Monos packs, Gila ordered 40 from the charity. So big has this market become that it is a big seller for Amazon. Online ordering has also become big business. One source told Kosher Today that a decade ago, this business was less than $1 million; today many times over. If this year is any indication the Purim gift business is headed for major growth in the years ahead.