March 4, 2020

Getting the “Best” Hotdogs Ready for Passover is Important Task at A & H

Hillside, NJ…Seth Levitt covets his position as being the producer of the best tasting kosher hotdog. “It is easy to produce a bad tasting hotdog but very difficult to produce a quality hotdog,” is one of Seth’s favorite sayings. It was still February but ironically his pristine plant was kosher for Passover. Where once deli was considered off limits for the holiday, it is today a basic staple of the many hotel programs. The daily barbecue has emerged as an integral part of a Passover program. The A & H brand is so popular that it sells in stores like Costco, helping sales grow by double-digits over the last 12 months. It’s been almost a half century since A & H established itself as a leading brand. Seth’s concern that his hot dogs avoid “any junk” includes the fact that A&H does not use nitrates. It is the same for his extensive deli line and his popular sausages. Seth says that retailers do well with his products on Chol Hamoed (interim days of Passover) as large numbers of Jews go on outings. Hotdogs on Passover? Don’t tell that to your grandmother even it is A&H.