From the Editor

menachem-lubinsky-round-borderLots of good news as the kosher food industry is just a week away from closing out another successful Passover season. Our big news story is the 52,000 products that were certified kosher for the holiday, twice the number from 2011…Passover programs worldwide continue to grow at record pace with some 300,000 Jews headed… Read More

menachem-lubinsky-round-borderSo, what was the 2016 big story in kosher? In our opinion, it was the continued growth for the kosher independent supermarkets. Read the stories that made news in 2016…The kosher food industry had an excellent safety record in 2016, largely because it has become an important concern for the industry…The sale of… Read More

menachem-lubinsky-round-borderKosherfest is now behind us but there was so much new that we’re devoting most of this issue to some of the key stories at Kosherfest. Our reporting team, including Devorah Paltiel, Eda Kram and Honey Soibelman bring you some of the color and highlights of Kosherfest. Our stories include features on the international… Read More