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The upcoming Shavuos holiday will for many supermarkets be the third most lucrative holiday on the Jewish calendar…Aron’s latest to embark on major expansion program, this time in New Jersey…The popularity of Sushi is eclipsing many traditional foods, even becoming a favorite for Shavuos…Why are some in Israel

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Kosher food sales this Passover did not quite hit double digit growth but still experienced a significant spike. How did the calendar effect sales?...The kosher community rises to the challenge of helping Jewish poor this past Passover…Chicago’s kosher scene to experience reset as Hungarian Kosher changesRead More

The buzz amongst retailers these days is that they are expecting a record sales season this Passover. We talked to many retailers and have the inside scoop…The old time Passover “set” was supposed to have passed into the twilight but according to retailers is very much alive and in many cases passing on to subsequent

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The kosher wine scene is an amazing story. Just look at all the wines (un)covered by our New Products Editor, Eda Kram and look at all the countries that are today producing kosher wines, L’Chaim!...And no wonder, kosher wine consumption was up 12% in the last 12 months. Read our exclusive story…Passover is turning out… Read More

By the time we went to press, we still had not heard from many brands that traditionally share their new products for Passover. We are pleased, however, to bring you Eda Kram’s report on a large number of new products to be introduced this Passover. Amazingly there will be nearly 55,000 Kosher for Passover items this… Read More

In the past few issues we’ve looked back at the kosher market in 2017 and projected what we might expect in 2018. In this issue, we look at the world of kosher restaurants, another important indicator of the strength of the kosher market…We also continue our analysis of the challenges being faced by the growing network

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The new minimum wage hike in New York is the latest financial headache faced by kosher independents. Read our exclusive story…A strong shekel may wreak havoc on exports to US…Manischewitz introduces innovative frozen gefilte fish product, a long way from the jar…Enthusiasm abounds amongst operators of Passover… Read More

We’re in the early days of 2018 and a good time to look back at the major kosher stories of 2017 that were covered in Kosher Today and left an impact on the industry. We’ll also take a quick look at what kosher can expect in 2018…Other stories covered are the new KolSave supermarket opening in the Five Towns and how… Read More

It’s that time of the year again: Chanukah is here and we take a look at the industry’s preparations and I weigh in on the most popular sufganiyot, as I saw in Jerusalem this week…With the kosher food industry continuing its meteoric climb, foodservice is taking a lead role…What do supervising rabbis have on their

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Kosherfest 2017 turned out to be every bit as advertised and more. In this issue, we cover some of the key highlights of what many said was the best show in its 29 year history. We look at some of the fascinating details of the presentation on kosher by the Trendspotting expert at Google. We cover some of the key events,… Read More