August 4, 2021

From the Editor

The Ben & Jerry’s story has dominated the news these days and we reached out to more than a dozen rabbis for comment. See our exclusive story…We have two great stories on Israeli wineries, including those who are still recovering from early summer wildfires…Kosherfest has become the venue for launching and showcasing many gluten-free kosher products as the 2021 edition of the show is shaping up to be quite an event…Read what happens when a major kosher franchise closes in a country like South Africa…The number of new large independent kosher supermarkets continues to grow, with new stores opening in Cleveland and Passaic…In My Sixth Sense, I join all those in business who are wondering about Ben & Jerry’s controversial action…Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase covers a new chocolate spread.

Menachem Lubinsky