July 21, 2021

From the Editor

How difficult will it be for the kosher restaurant business to come back after Covid? Read our exclusive story…How are kosher grocers responding to customer complaints about soaring prices?...130 Kosher companies are signed up for Kosherfest ’21 as momentum grows…Kosherfest New Product Competition scheduled for October 20th…Exciting times for new kosher wines despite sourcing challenges…Believe it or not, products already being trucked to Supermarkets for Rosh Hashanah…Going to Israel for Succoth? Bennett Government says, “not so fast!” …In My Sixth Sense, I wonder if anyone wants to work in a kosher restaurant these days and so do anxious diners…Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase covers New Organic Waffles.

Menachem Lubinsky