April 27, 2021

From the Editor

We lead with the great news that food sales this past Passover surpassed all projections. We have the amazing story…Many opportunities await the kosher industry in the post- Passover period…Meat replacement fails to gain traction in kosher market…23-year old Israeli woman with allergy to milk might have been saved by the presence of a mashgiach, US rabbis say…Eda Kram has the story of a labeling company that looks forward to November’s Kosherfest where it routinely finds new business…Kosher world will get dividend from peace with Morocco…Kosher community mourns the passing of Rabbi Yisroel Pinchas Halevi Gornish, long standing kashrus authority… In My Sixth Sense, I discuss “Itching to Get Back to Normal” …Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase covers New Cauliflower Veggie Burger from Dr. Praeger’s.

Menachem Lubinsky