March 16, 2021

From the Editor

Passover is a little more than a week away and we have extensive coverage, beginning with tens of thousands of vacationers in Orlando and many other Passover program changes this year…We’ve got the latest on what’s happening in stores, now that the “turnovers” are complete…Matzoh prices? Depends on where you live. We’ve got the survey on pricing…Israeli hotels are open but not for foreigners…Kosherfest 2021 is happening as “successful” exhibitors book space…Is Kroger using shoppers to get its way on wages and will they actually close kosher stores? We mourn the death of David Mintz, founder of Tofutti at 89 and in My Sixth Sense, I relate how he credited the Rebbe with the idea…Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase brings back gefilte fish in a jar, in time for Passover.


Menachem Lubinsky