January 20, 2021

From the Editor

Already dealing with delays in deliveries due to Covid-19, importers of Israeli foods are also faced with a fluctuating dollar and higher costs…The recent signing of the Abraham Accords between the UAE and Israel, actually began at Kosherfest 2019. Reda our fascinating account…Israel’s hotels were counting on the high rate of vaccination in the country for this year’s Passover programs, but it may not have come in time…We got mixed assessments about shortages of kosher for Passover foods. Read our report…We note with sadness the passing of Rabbi Desmond Maizels from the Cape Town Beth Din and Joseph Folger, the owner of the iconic Beigel’s Bakery…Curbside pickups is gaining as a method of shopping in kosher stores…In My Sixth Sense, I lament about the many people who still will not have their families at the Seder table this year…Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase features the First Baby’s Only New Quinoa & Oat Cereal.

Menachem Lubinsky