May 21, 2019

From the Editor

A Houston bakery crossed all lines when it stayed open on Passover selling “chametz.” As a result, it lost its kosher certification. What is the real story? Read our report…What’s happening in Lakewood, a rapidly growing kosher market? Are there surprises on the future of retail the horizon?...New Jersey’s kosher laws are effective, conference hears…If the future is in Meatless, what does it mean for the kosher industry?...Why did a major Jewish newspaper change its format to a glossy magazine?...New In-Store Radio, a new point of sale medium, hailed by retailers…Cheesecake for dieters, lactose intolerant, gluten sensitive? Read our story…In My Sixth Sense, I look at the new generation of “influencers” and wonder if they are really influencing…Eda Kram discusses new artisan teas in her New Product Showcase.

Menachem Lubinsky