January 21, 2019

From the Editor

We lead with the continually breaking story of the impact of Bingo, this time in Lakewood. We spoke to many in the industry and have a fascinating report…Mussy Raitman toured Baltimore and has a fascinating account of the kosher retail scene there…If you think 2018 was a “crazy” year for kosher restaurants with all those openings and closings, stay tuned for 2019…The new ban on schechita in many parts of Belgium is not being lost on European Jewry…There no longer is an OU kosher certified foie gras. We have the full story….The kosher community has a few new holidays: Mid-Winter and Super bowl Sunday….In My Sixth Sense, I cover Allan Lieberman’s new book: “We want Mashgiach Now!”… Eda Kram covers in her New Product Showcase.


Menachem Lubinsky