August 20, 2018

From the Editor:

Lots of technology in this issue…We begin with digital marketing making inroads in the kosher community…GE has teamed up with Zman Technologies and Orthodox for a new automated Shabbos Keeper…Meanwhile, a growing kosher community is constantly looking to fill mashgichim jobs…Technology is helping the bottom line of kosher restaurants, or is it?...Lots of technology at Kosherfest this year with several Google executives and rabbis participating in educational seminars…The holiday of Succoth is shaping up as a big winner with Israeli hotels…Kedem is celebrating its 70th Anniversary…A new Website by a Houston rabbi seeks to educate people on kosher…In My Sixth Sense, I offer my respects to kosher caterers…Eda Kram covers a new cheese pretzel in her New Product Showcase.

Menachem Lubinsky