August 6, 2018

From the Editor

Glatt kosher slaughter that resort to shackling and hoisting in South America will no longer be rendered kosher in Israel and in the US, but will it create shortages? Read our lead story…Kashrus agencies are only willing to certify cannabis for medicinal purposes, but will they go further?...Record kosher sales in the Catskills may not necessarily add to the bottom line, but record sales indicate otherwise…So will ice cream and frozen desserts be a big seller this Rosh Hashanah with the calendar still showing summer?...After a millennium, kosher food makes a comeback in Poland…Celebrating 30 years, Kosherfest introduces some new trendy foods from around the world…In My Sixths Sense, I look at why kosher restaurants have emerged as targets of anti-Semitism…Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase covers new flavored teas from Mina.

Menachem Lubinsky