September 2, 2020

From the Deep South to Kosherfest, a Kosher Journey Made in Heaven

Elkhart, IN…by Eda Kram…King Preferred is a woman-owned business that was established in 2005 by LaTonya King, specializing in Southern bakery mixes. All recipes were formulated from scratch by her Aunt Sadie, whose deep Southern roots are in Tennessee. “The dinner table in our home was always accompanied with one of her Southern "made from scratch" desserts,” reminisces Ms. King. “I have eliminated the long prep time but have kept the original baking time to preserve the homemade "oven to table" tradition.” In 2016, King Preferred became the first African American kosher certified food/beverage business specializing in bakery mixes. King Preferred is the only food/grocery business with a Southern Pound/Dessert Line with plans of expanding and adding more delectable flavors. King Preferred’ s "Gourmet Moist" brand has perfected the reputation of the cream cheese pound cake, chocolate pound cake and bread pudding “we all grew up with - Southern sweets that form our childhood memories.” LaTonya says that “every bite will take you back to your cherished childhood memories of Grandma's baking. Our sugary crust seals in the flavor and moistness for days allowing you so much more flexibility and time with family.”

Although King Preferred is based in Elkhart, IN, LaTonya has developed strong connections in Louisville, KY, which led to a partnership with Workwell Industries, a non-profit packaging and fulfillment company. She made the decision to partner with them because their mission is to provide jobs for people that face barriers to employment, namely veterans and persons with disabilities. This struck a chord with LaTonya: “Workwell gives back to those that need a second chance, which is something we all need at one time or another in our lives.” She is particularly thrilled that Kosherfest gave her a chance to bring her products to the kosher community. “Becoming kosher certified has allowed me to explore and learn beyond the normal requirements pertaining to food and culture. Kosherfest is a great event and the contacts I made at Kosherfest were essential in helping me grow my business in the kosher market. I look forward to coming back in the future."