September 2, 2014

Freunds Signature Cars Reflect Growing Prominence in Kosher Fish Including Sushi

BROOKLYN — Freund’s Fish is building an empire not only in the variety and of quality of fish it sells, but also for innovative customer service. In fact, they have become the kosher food’s 1-800 Mattress delivering fish “faster than Hatzalah (the well-known volunteer ambulance service).” They don’t just deliver in ordinary cars, they deliver in style. It all started with a purchased used police three wheel scooter that had Freund’s text wrapping which has now expanded into a fleet of cars, scooters and vans. Their signature blue shade is impossible to miss and instantly recognizable everywhere. Freunds distributes to the New York-New Jersey area covering such neighborhoods as Boro Park, Williamsburg, Flatbush, Five Towns, and Lakewood. Pincus Freund, the third generation owner of Freunds Fish, takes credit for the car wrapping. He says that it increased sales and popularity as well as helped brand his company in a sea of competition particularly in the area of frozen gefilte fish.

Pincus’s grandfather bought the company, passed it on to his son, and now it’s all in Pincus’s hands. Freunds produces many different varieties of fresh fish, gefilte fish, marinated fish, herring, dips, and sushi ingredients as well as 19 types of sauces and marinades that are created for fish. All these products are made in-house in their Boro Park store. But his next big success came with the launch of Sushi Maven at a time when the kosher market was warmly embracing sushi. Sushi Maven is the first company to manufacture and distribute all products needed to make kosher sushi. Mr. Freund decided to open a sushi distributing company about 8 years ago when he saw how hard it was to get kosher sushi ingredients. With time, and proper hashgacha, he was able to create Sushi Maven.

Another change Pincus brought to Freunds Fish was the Freunds Sushi and Grill. Taking their fish market success further, they introduced an extensive takeout and delivery menu of made-to-order fish dishes. Customers can select their individual slice of fish and choose any combination of Freund’s sauces. They also offer a complete line of appetizing herrings, pickles, dips, kugels, salads and dressings. Freunds herrings are directly sourced and imported from Holland, Iceland and Canada. Since Freunds has developed a full kosher line of sushi making ingredients, they have been creating wonderful sushi dishes for the kosher consumer market. Freunds Sushi & Grill now offers a complete menu of fresh, cooked and tempura-fried sushi rolls, available to order from their expert sushi chefs. The newest product that is on the horizon for Freunds is the sea weed alternative that’s made with real fruits and vegetables. It’s out in the market but not made kosher yet, until Freunds took the initiative.