January 11, 2010

Freshly Baked Goods Go Cyber

Flushing, NY… Feature Editor…Several decades ago, every neighborhood had local milkmen who delivered milk, eggs, and other necessities right to their door. As grocery stores advanced, the convenience of having products delivered regularly seemed to have been lost… until now. Violet’s Bake Shop in Queens has expanded to the internet and brings their customers freshly baked goods to their doorstep.

Having 25 years of bakery management, Violet opened the doors to her own bakery, specializing in Hungarian desserts, just one year ago. The bake shop has quickly become a fixture in the neighborhood, as a place to pick up anything from delicious homemade tasting challah to more exotic desserts. With the help of her son and partner, Violet has made her freshly baked goods available to the entire country by launching her website last month, www.violetsbakeshop.com. All goods are baked in Queens and can be delivered from coast to coast, as early as the next day. “We are thrilled to be bringing our delicious kosher bakery into the homes of so many Jews who are looking for something extra special for their shabbos meal or special occasion,” Violet’s son, Michael said.
The kosher industry is becoming more innovative than ever. Not only are unique products available, but new and convenient services within the kosher market are being offered in a way we never could have imagined.