January 26, 2015

French Kosher Consultant Plans Pavilion at Major Food Show in Paris

PARIS — While European Jews are still traumatized by the brutal attack on the Hyper Cacher supermarket and the four Jews who died at the hand of a terrorist earlier this month, Olivier Princ still believes there is a bright future for kosher in Europe. Mr. Princ, who has served as a kosher consultant to such major food shows as SIAL is planning to include a kosher pavilion at the Sandwich & Snack Show scheduled to take place here on March 18th and 19th. He was forced to cancel a kosher trade show he had planned for last summer because of fears that Arab rage in France during the Gaza War would spill over to his planned show.

But Princ looks at recent events as more of an aberration than a sign of an uncertain future for France’s estimated 600,000 Jews. He says that the demand for kosher food continues to increase and that his real goal is for Jews to eat more kosher, “especially if we can offer quality foods at fair prices.” Princ says that the food industry in Europe recognizes the importance of kosher. He is in fact hoping that American, Israeli and European manufacturers and distributors will join the show because it will be “an ideal opportunity to present their products to Europe’s food industry.” Jews in France, Belgium and the UK are said to be on edge with some ordering their foods by phone to avoid shopping at kosher stores.