September 12, 2016

Foreign Governments Look to Kosherfest for Kosher Breakthrough

Manilla - Joel Weinberger of PS Kosher Food Works is no stranger to government export offices in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, and even India. He is capitalizing on the new interest by governments around the world to share in the lucrative kosher market worldwide. The Philippines, Sri Lanka, and India will be part of a 3-booth pavilion that Mr. Weinberger has organized at this year’s Kosherfest (November 15-16, Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus NJ). In each country, he works with the government export agency to identify the products that are in demand in the US kosher market and then helps them secure kosher certification. He will be showcasing spice mixes from India, coconut products and tea from Sri Lanka, and coconut and banana chips from the Philippines. In addition to pavilions from many countries in Europe and Canada, this year’s Kosherfest will also include pavilions from the Czech Republic, Japan, and Korea. The governments in each country are hoping to develop a new market, not only in the US, but in Israel and Europe. In recent years, Kosherfest had taken on a decidedly more international flavor with a growing number of booths from overseas including from South America and the Far East. The international focus has brought many more buyers from overseas making Kosherfest the definitive world showcase of kosher foods.