January 22, 2013

For Baby Boomers, Saratoga was on Seder Tables Long Before Inauguration

WASHINGTON, DC — The news that Saratoga water products would be the beverage of choice at the inauguration festivities yesterday of President Barack Obama was not lost on many baby boomers who grew up on the beverage at Seder tables. Many remembered the day when Saratoga Geyser was virtually the only beverage allowed on Passover. To sweeten the unflavored spring water products, many recall adding Kedem syrup.  

The Saratoga Spring Water Company has been bottling spring water products on the same site in upstate New York since 1872.  In those 140-plus years many honors have been bestowed upon this historic brand, not the least of which was announced last summer when Senator Charles Schumerchose the company’s iconic cobalt blue glass bottles to be served at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. 

The company’s unflavored spring water products, both sparkling and non-sparkling, are certified Kosher, pareve and for Passover by the Orthodox Union. Despite the existence of many beverage products that are kosher for Passover, some observant Jews still continue that tradition and do not use such products as Pepsi and Coke for Passover. One baby boomer said: “Having Saratoga at the Seder table in our family is almost as much tradition as the Matzoh.”