July 1, 2013

For a Bakery in Queens, it all Begins With Challah

Queens, NY — Forget California, Queens NY is home to hottest bake shop around — Challywood. A spin off of the popular Violet’s Bake Shop, Challywood was created solely for the production of one of kosher’s most loved foods- Challah, the kneaded dough soft bread that is a basic staple in every Jewish home on Shabbat and holidays.  Violet’s Bake Shop had been serving Hungarian cakes and pastries for 30 years when their line of Challah became their signature baked item. Soon after, Michael and Violet Kahan opened Challywood, their Challah was served at the opening of The Jewish Heritage Museum in Philadelphia. As they describe it: “During the gala, Jerry Seinfeld and Bette Midler got to taste Challywood's signature Challah and they absolutely loved it - a star product was born!  With our great tasting and unique Challah choices, Challywood’s Challah can be a staple for any community as we revolutionize the Challah industry.”

And Challywood is truly revolutionary, from their unique menu to their business model. Customers can choose from traditional Challah, berry Challah, and even cookie dough Challah. All of Challywood’s loaves are made to order, which means guaranteed freshness upon delivery.  Challywood has also been successful with its "Dollar-A-Challah" fundraising program, allowing synagogues, Jewish organizations and schools to sell the Challah and raise money for their organizations. They simply act as a shipping point for the products ordered by their members, and in return the organization receives $1.00 for each item purchased- truly a win-win. So if the debate is still raging around your table on who makes the better challah, perhaps try Challywood to resolve the minor family feud.