September 24, 2019

Fooderie: A Pleasant Surprise in Montreal Celebrates Second Anniversary

Montreal…A large crowd of kosher shoppers were in an unprecedented celebratory mood on Sunday September 15th.  It’s been two years since skeptical Montrealer's woke up to a new reality they never believed would see the light of day in this city. “The Fooderie,” a kosher shopping experience they could only dream of opened its doors. It was a concept that they would have to travel across the border to experience, or receive pictures on their phone from relatives in Brooklyn, Monsey, Cedarhurst or Lakewood. Thanks to American entrepreneurs and investors, the US kosher food shopping experience now so prevalent in the US came to Montreal. The celebration saw hundreds of families gather to appreciate “a dream come true.” To them, the two-year milestone was enough to convince them that this new treasure was here to stay. They were laudatory about the team that had been assembled and that the primary focus was the customer. All this while the children enjoyed the air bounce, balloon sculpting, live pony rides, prizes, cotton candy, free nosh, chocolate, ices and ice cream. The families enjoyed a complimentary dinner at the outdoor BBQ. To remind them of the coming New Year, there was even a demonstration of live bees making fresh and pure honey.