January 9, 2017

Food and Wine Events Inspire Kosher Foodies

New York - The growing number of kosher food and wine events is directly related to the rapid growth of “kosher foodies.” This was assessment of several bloggers who see this as part of an upscaling trend that continues to help the kosher food industry grow. While Kosherfest is the lead trade event of the year, the Kosher Food & Wine Experience which is now held in many parts of the world is driving the consumer passion for upscale kosher foods and wines. Sponsored by the Royal Wine Company, there was recently one such event in Miami with future events scheduled to take part in many parts of the world. In addition to Miami, events will be held in New York (2/13), Los Angeles (2/15), Paris (1/31), London (2/1/), and Tel Aviv (2/6). At this year's New York event more than 300 wines and spirits will be on hand for sampling. For the thousands of foodies who attend these events, this is all about the new world of kosher where quality kosher foods and wines easily match the celebrated winners in the non-kosher category. Kosher wines which were at one time reserved only for sacramental purposes are now a near $60-million industry in the US with some of the best wines now typically included in gourmet meals and in most kosher restaurants. Kosher wines are regular winners in international competitions with even such prestigious wine publications as the Wine Spectator (October 15, 2016) doing a major story on kosher wines.