April 13, 2021

Food Sales Soar on Passover Despite Covid-19 Concerns

Brooklyn…Emily shopped for Passover in one of the local kosher independent stores, the first time she had been in a store in nearly 13 months. Until she was vaccinated, she did all her shopping on-line. In a survey of many of the stores in the New York City area, it appeared that some stores did 10%-15% better than in 2019, the last full year before Covid-19 hit. In general, 2021 is turning out to be a good year for many as the industry has experienced a surge in food shopping. A survey of the general grocery market showed an appreciable increase in the spending of packaged consumer goods of as much as 14%. Food and beverage segments that saw the largest dollar sales increases during the period were led by staple items such as frozen foods (+29%), dry grains and beans (+28%), baking ingredients (+27%) and fresh produce (+24%). Also seeing sizable gains were alcohol (+23%), breakfast foods (+21%), soft drinks (+18%), coffee (+14%), snacks (+13%) and sweets (+12%). Many of the kosher stores said that they too saw large increases in some of the categories, although not all.