September 19, 2011

Food Industry Open for Innovative Kosher Products, Experts Tell Webinar on ÒMainstreaming KosherÓ

New York…  An impressive cross section of the food industry heard two leading experts on kosher say that there has never been a better time for moving many kosher niche products into mainstream food markets.  Menachem Lubinsky and Milt Weinstock addressed the topic of “Mainstreaming Kosher: Taking Ethnic/Specialty Foods to the Masses and Growing Beyond Your Specialty Niche” on September 15th on a Webinar sponsored by Diversified Business Communications, producers of Kosherfest. Mr. Lubinsky, founder and co-producer of Kosherfest and president of Lubicom, a full-service marketing firm in New York, said that many quality kosher products are already in a position to go mainstream by virtue of their presence in thousands of supermarkets and club stores. He said that many kosher products meet the standards of the general market in terms of quality, lifestyle of consumers, and packaging. Mr. Lubinsky warned that price could be the determining factor unless the product is so unique that consumers are willing to pay higher prices. 

Mr. Weinstock, a consumer marketing specialist who spent 35 years at Grey Worldwide and is currently president of Kosher Media Network, shared some of his extensive experience in mainstreaming of kosher. He cited such examples as Hebrew National, Sabra and Gold’s to establish criteria for success in mainstreaming kosher certified products. Mr. Weinstock’s message was that success in the mainstreaming of a kosher brand need only find a theme that appeals to the masses, just as Hebrew National was able to establish the uniqueness of its kosher ingredients with its highly acclaimed “higher authority” message. Both Lubinsky and Weinstock felt strongly that the kosher market was in position to take some of its products to the mainstream, especially since kosher has been producing breakthrough items, including snacks and gluten-free items. While Weinstock cautioned for patience in reaching the lofty goal of mainstreaming, Lubinsky warned against attempting to bite off too much, suggesting that even a limited success in mainstreaming could lead to eventual penetration onto the national stage. Webinar producers were so encouraged by the response that they are planning additional such seminars in the future.