March 20, 2017

Florida Barely Escapes a Poor Passover Season, Say Experts

Orlando - The Grove Kosher Market in Boca Raton is preparing to send out its trucks all over Florida come Passover. “We will be delivering on Chol Hamoed – Receive your food fresh for the second days,” reads an ad in multiple Jewish publications. This is welcome news for several thousand vacationers who will be spending Passover in Orlando despite earlier Zika scares. Many doctors have given Orlando a clean bill of health, albeit late, while still being cautious about South Florida. Travel experts say that some hotels in South Florida will not be full this year but that Orlando picked up recently, not only in organized programs like Majestic Retreats in the Rosen Plaza Hotel, the Hyatt Regency and the Waldorf Astoria but in the hundreds of houses that are rented out for the holiday. In addition to The Grove, many New York-based supermarkets like Season’s are also offering delivery services to Florida. Some vacationers will rely on shipped meals like Batya’s Kitchen. One program operator said that “it has been a tough season so far, but it looks like we will pull it out in the 11th hour.”