November 21, 2011

FlaumÕs Urges Union to Come to Negotiating Table to End Dispute

New York … Flaum’s has issued a public call to the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) to come to the negotiating table to “once and for all settle this dispute through negotiations.” The Tnuva company, itself the subject of controversy in Israel following a consumer revolt to protest its unfair pricing, is said to have cancelled its distribution agreement with Flaum’s for 2012. But KosherToday has learned that Tnuva USA has not as yet replaced its distributor and is hoping that the dispute is settled by the end of the year. In its statement (, Flaum’s accused the IWW of “peddling misinformation about a 2008 labor dispute between Flaum’s (and its Sonny & Joe’s brand) and 11 of its workers. It is picketing stores and urging businesses not to do business with Flaum’s.” The company noted that the “dispute involved only 11 of the company’s 70 workers, a mere 15% of our labor force…Flaum’s non-compliance to date with the NLRB ruling is not an attempt to avoid its legal obligations, as the IWW would have you believe. On the contrary, Flaum is resorting to various legal remedies that it is fully entitled to in dealing with facts that are grounded in law and deserve a fair and unprejudiced hearing in a court of law. For example, a well-known case established that undocumented workers are not entitled to back pay. Flaum, in fact, offered to reinstate some of the workers but they could not produce documentation and refused the offer.” A spokesman for Flaum’s told KosherToday that all the Union has to do is “to call our lawyers.”