November 7, 2011

FlaumÕs Launches Website to Set the Record Straight

Brooklyn, NY…As one of the oldest kosher food companies, the name Flaum is associated with quality appetizing projects. From its humble beginning as a small appetizing store in Williamsburg, Flaum’s has grown into a major producer of salads and dips under its own name and Sonny & Joe’s, the names of the brothers who founded Flaum nearly a century ago. Sonny & Joe’s features many popular hummus products. But in 2008, the company became embroiled in a labor dispute that led some to charge that the company mistreated its workers despite the fact that there was no record of labor-management discord for its previous 90 or so years. In a special Website ( set up by the company to “put the labor-management dispute into perspective,” the company says that it sought to comply with the ruling by the National Labor Relations Board to reinstate the 11 workers who were let go with back pay, but that they did not accept the offer after admitting that they were undocumented workers. The company says that according to a US Supreme Court ruling (Hoffman Case) it did not have to offer any back pay to undocumented workers. The NLRB has for more than a year postponed a ruling in the matter. The Website claims that the dispute is a routine labor –management dispute that has been “blown out of proportion” and that the company has repeatedly offered to negotiate a settlement in the dispute, which it says involves “only 11 out of 70 workers and certainly a very small number of workers out of the hundreds who have worked at the company since its founding.” To bolster its case, the Website features a video narrated by employees who describe excellent working conditions in a pristine and clean environment.