May 14, 2009

Five New Powder Mixes from Nicci Beverage Company

The Nicci Beverage Company introduced five new powder mixes in delectable flavors: Brazilian Hazelnut, French Vanilla Mocha, Swiss Chocolate, Cappuccino and Chai spiced tea. This new line of premium flavored hot chocolates are available in a gourmet range. The Brazilian Hazelnut is a unique blend of natural hazelnuts, a combination that makes for a delicious taste. The French Vanilla Mocha is a perfect blend that reflects true French style living. The Swiss Chocolate has a rich and creamy texture, taste and flavor. The Chai spiced tea is a delicious spicy and refreshing tea latte made with oriental spices, honey, caramel, ginger and cinnamon. All that has to be done is to heat one cup of milk in a microwave or use a frothing machine and add four teaspoons of any Nicci flavored powder of choice. They also have a new sugar lite-low carb, low calorie iced coffee. Their entire product range is low fat and is certified kosher and Cholov Yisrael. For information visit or email :[email protected]