June 9, 2014

Fighting for the 10' Kosher Food Set

MIAMI BEACH, FL — While most of the discussion in recent years has focused on kosher food in supermarkets and the new kosher superstores, a much more low key battle for shelf space is being waged in the small kosher sets, often in supermarkets in secondary markets or in suburban areas but frequently in stores like Walgreen’s and Seven Eleven. In Miami Beach, the Walgreen’s serving the heavily Jewish area of Miami Beach features what appear to be many Kedem and Gefen products, a sign of its more aggressive distribution in the South.

In addition to grape juice, one is apt to find a smattering of Gefen and Shibolim products including matzohs, crackers and biscuits. In other parts of the country, the selection might include Osem croutons, Manischewitz gefilte fish, Kedem grape juice and so forth. The small kosher set is no longer an afterthought as many of the kosher purveyors aggressively pursue every stop.

Seasoned kosher food distributors remember when gefilte fish, grape juice and perhaps borscht and yahrzeit candles were commonplace even