October 25, 2021

Fiber Gourmet's Light Challah Winner in Bread and Baked Goods Category

Brooklyn…by Eda Kram…. Challah on Shabbos is a problem for many people seeking to curtail their calorie intake, cut down on carbs, and still have a high fiber diet. One of this year’s New Product winners, Fiber Gourmet, is introducing a tasty yet healthy substitute, a high fiber and low-calorie challah. It contains 50% less net carbs and 44% less calories than standard challah! A 1 oz serving has 50 Calories, 9g Fiber and 7g Net Carbs.

"After tens of thousands of happy customers loving our low calorie, high fiber & delicious products, it's an honor to feel the love with such a prestigious award from Kosherfest too!" said Tehila Mocton, CEO of Fiber Gourmet.

Fiber Gourmet produces a line of common foods that are known for their high carbs and high calories. It produces these products in the same way they are producing the challah. The Fiber Gourmet website says: “We envision a world in which the bad rap that has been enveloping pasta like a noxious cloud, dissipates entirely. With Fiber Gourmet on the scene, pasta no longer will have to suffer the injustices of being demeaned as an inferior choice for those seeking a healthful lifestyle. We foresee a universe filled to the brim with bread and pasta and challah (and heck, cakes and cookies and pies) that are good for your midriff, good for your mind, and unequivocally fantastic for your body.”