June 11, 2012

FairwayÕs New Passaic County Store is a Kosher Wonder

WOODLAND PARK, NJ -- Howie Glickberg looked every bit as cheerful as his picture that adorns many of the large banners on kosher sections at Fairway stores under the heading “Howie’s Choice.” Mr. Glickberg, the Vice Chairman of Development and grandson of founder Nathan Glickberg, presided over the grand opening of Fairway’s latest store. 

Asked why his face is the face of kosher at Fairway, Glickberg said: “I am a Jew and I am proud of our kosher selection.”While a ceremony featuring a plethora of local elected officials was underway in the parking lot, hundreds were already lined up for the official 11 a.m. opening. 

Lisa Strimber of Passaic is a frequent kosher shopper of the Fairway Paramus store but now will find this store more convenient. Adele can’t wait to buy a fresh kosher rotisserie chicken. When she finished shopping, she called it a “kosher wonder.” In fact, Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein, the long-time certifier of Fairway showed off the strictly kosher poultry and meat room with its own refrigeration and wrapping machinery. 

The chickens are organically fed at Murray’s upstate New York farms and are produced at Kiryas Joel (KJ Poultry) and some of the Fairway labeled meats are from OU Glatt facilities. A designated mashgiach supervises the section, which is kept under lock when not used. A team of Kof-K rabbis were also walking through the store. 

Fairway had added the national certification symbol recently as a sign of its expanding kosher role. Rabbi Marmorstein points to the coffee grinder that he and his fellow rabbis completely koshered before Pesach as yet another sign of “an incredible commitment by management to make it right when it comes to kosher.”

What is perhaps most eye-catching in the kosher selection of the 63,000 square foot new store is the kosher bakery section, complete with a pastry chef. A representative of a local kosher nursing home was already looking at the possibility of being an institutional buyer at the large store. The layout of the huge store is such that in almost every aisle there is something for the kosher consumer, from a huge refrigerated case with kosher cheese from around the world and even products from Strauss in Israel to kosher snacks and kosher fish. 

Known for its selection of healthy products, from gluten free to organic, this store has an extremely broad selection of such kosher certified products. While most people were simply taken by the magnificent store, for kosher consumers, this Fairway is a dream comes true. Mr. Glickberg was already giving a quick preview of the next group of stores set to open in Westbury LI and Nanuet NY.