July 25, 2011

FairwayÕs Expansion in New York Good Omen for Kosher Consumers

New York, NY…To the delight of many Upper East Side Manhattanites, including a sizable kosher consumer base, a new Fairway Market recently opened in the neighborhood on 86th Street between Second and Third Avenues. The store competes with such well-established community supermarkets as Gristedes, D'Agostino and the Food Emporium. Replacing a former Borders book store, the new 25,000 square feet store is spread out over two floors connected by elevators and stairs. It features all the organic, fresh produce, and specialty products (including over 600 types of cheese and 90 varieties of coffee) that the supermarket chain is known for. The aisles in the East 86th Street store are wider than those in its other city stores, seven to 10 feet, compared with five- to seven-feet aisles, said Fairway CEO Howard Glickberg. The new store is the eighth Fairway Market overall and the first Fairway in Manhattan since the Harlem store opened in 1995. The addition of Fairway to the Upper East Side is welcome news to kosher consumers as is Fairway’s expansion in New York City in general. Boasting a kosher section with fresh baked goods and a selection of meats, in addition to the many products that carry kosher supervision throughout the store, Fairway makes no secret of its goal to capture a sizable portion of the lucrative kosher market in the area. Many of the fresh baked products available at Fairway are under the supervision of Kosher La-Mehadrin, headed by Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein of Manhattan’s Upper West Side. “We see kosher food as a great opportunity for advancing our business,” said a Fairway manager, “It’s a growing segment of the overall food market and we want to take advantage of it while simultaneously giving back to the community.” “We’re a one stop shop and we have everything you could imagine,” said Fairway Market Vice President Danny Glickberg, a scion of the Glickberg family that originally founded Fairway as a produce stand in the 1930’s. Fairway has been growing at an impressive rate since selling a controlling interest to a private equity firm in 2007, opening stores in Stamford, CT, Long Island, and Northern New Jersey. Plans are in the works to open new stores in Queens, New Jersey and other locations in the greater metro area. According to one Fairway executive the supermarket chain will only continue to grow, "We believe that the New York metro area can satisfy a Fairway food store count that would be well in excess of 30 to 35 stores.” Sources say that Fairway has always had a focus on kosher, including many Israeli products.