November 21, 2011

Fairway Continues Expansion in Key Kosher Areas

Douglaston NY… “Fairway is rapidly becoming the Waldbaum’s of the 2000’s,” a New York distributor said after the chain opened its 9th store and the first in Queens last week. The 56,000 square foot store will feature a full compliment of kosher foods just as its stores in the other boroughs do. The distributor explained that it just happens that Fairway stores are located in some key kosher strongholds in New York and New Jersey. In January 2007, Sterling Investment Partners, a Westport, CT middle market private equity firm, acquired a majority stake in Fairway Market. Fairway has grown rapidly, opening six more Fairway locations and two Wine & Spirits stores. Fairway expects to continue to open several stores per year for the foreseeable future. The chain was founded nearly 80 years ago by Nathan Glickberg, who opened a fruit and vegetable stand where the flagship Broadway store in Manhattan is still located. Howie Glickberg, Chief Executive Officer of Fairway and grandson of the founder, remains an active leader in Fairway. The new Queens store has a full kosher bakery and a large selection of pre-cut, OU-certified red meat, as well as fresh, kosher poultry.